Climate Change and the transition to a zero-emisson society. - A series of seminars presented by Andrea Tilche

Seminar 6: A commentary to Pope Francis’ encyclical letter “Laudato si’”

Even if viewed through a secular non-Catholic reading lens, the Pope Francis’ encyclical represents a unique synthesis and probably one of the higher peaks of thinking of most recent years around the way to address from its deep roots the ecological and social crisis represented by climate change. Readings of the encyclical text and of some commentaries will be proposed in preparation of this seminar.

Climate change is probably the most complex planetary challenge that humanity has to face. Despite of the large number of authoritative scientific reports that show its acceleration, its growing risks, and the progressive reduction of the window of opportunity to act towards cost-effective and equitable solutions, very little steps forward have been done by the international community.

This series of seminars wants to open a broad discussion on this subject, through an approach that looks at the physical, ideal, political, economic and social roots of the problem, in order to frame a proposal for the transition to a sustainable zero-carbon society in which the Universities – as sites of new cultural development – and the young generations – as essential actors of change – have to play an essential role.

All students and employees are welcome. The seminars have a red thread, but may be attended as single seminars.

Andrea Tilche obtained his Doctor Degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milano in 1978. His scientific career was mainly carried out in Italy where he set-up and directed the wastewater treatment laboratories of ENEA in Bologna. In 1998 he moved to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission as Head of the Water Research Unit, and later to Brussels where he held various positions of responsibility in the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. From 2010 to November 2018, when he retired from the European Commission, he was in charge of the EU climate change research programme and headed the EU delegation at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Since November 2018, he is Senior Advisor and adjunct professor at UiT.



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When: 04. juin 2019 kl. 09.00–10.00
Where: Aud 1.023 Teknologibygget
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests
Kontakt: Kathrine Tveiterås