Why Indigenous Studies (MIS)?

The Master's degree programme in Indigenous Studies (MIS) is an affordable, high quality education in English, both for exchange and full degree students.



What can MIS offer students?

MIS can offer a multidisciplinary and high quality education with good career opportunities. Students come from all parts of the world and create an exciting and dynamic study environment.

Study & Scholarships

As for the majority of Norwegian universities and state university colleges, students do not pay tuition fees. This also applies to foreign students, no matter which country students come from.

Strategy funds

Research grants is offered to students for their field/data gathering work.

The Student Welfare Organization (Samskipnaden)

The Student Welfare Organizations contributes to student’s well-being during their studies:

  • Semester fee
    Semester fee (about NOK 600 per semester) grants students membership in the local student welfare organization, which in turn entitles students to several benefits. Payment of the semester fee is also necessary to get an official student card that, among other things, gives you reduced fares on most forms of public transport and lower ticket prices to various cultural events
  • Housing 
    Samskipnaden has many student residences in Tromsø for singles, couples and families and welcome you as new tenants. Read more here.

  • Kindergarten
    Are you student with small children, Samskipnaden offers places for children between 0-6 years old. A professional staffs with a lot of experience take care of students’ children.

  • Counselling
    Student life comes with its challenges. Big or small. We have many skilled counsellors you can talk to.

  • Health Services
    As student in Norway, you are ensured professional medical treatment no matter which part of the country you are living in. In most cases the treatment is free of charge if certain prerequisites are met. These prerequisites vary depending on your current nationality and length of stay in Norway.

Career possibilities

The Master's degree programme in Indigenous Studies prepares students for exciting careers in teaching and education, promotion and implementation of indigenous issues internationally, civil society organizations, government and public sector, project management, research and studies in indigenous issues. Read more here.

MIS - A Unique student experience


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