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Prospective foreign applicants: please contact the Admission Office ( if you intend to apply for Norwegian courses.

Enrolled international students (exchange / degree programmes) and foreign staff / guest researchers / PhD employees

There is a variety of courses  and programmes in Norwegian language and literature  at UiT in Tromsø, The Norwegian language courses are offered on basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

NB! The information on this website is for admitted/enrolled international students (both exchange and degree programmes) and foreign staff / guest researchers / PhD employees at UiT in Tromsø.

Level A1 (Introductory Level, first part), Level A2 (Introductory Level, second part), and Level B1 (Intermediate Level) are exclusively for employees and registered international students at UiT Campus Tromsø. The courses will run for an entire semester. It is possible to attend courses at the same level only once. Most courses will take place in the afternoons and evenings.

  • Registration deadline: 20. August 2021

This is an advanced Norwegian language course for international students. It is equivalent to Level B2/C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Test i norsk - høyre nivå B1 - C1 (Bergenstesten) at Folkeuniversitetet. A passed level III exam in Norwegian as a foreign language is necessary if you want to apply as a "regular student" (non international admissions) for study programmes or courses taught in Norwegian. The course is therefore a prerequisite for immigrants and foreign students who want to enroll at a Norwegian taught Bachelor or Master's degree programme at UiT or need a documentation of their Norwegian language skills in connection with work applications.

Courses at advanced level III are offered in form of an intensive day course (one semester). The course is offered both in the spring and autumn semester.

The number of applicants exceeds by far the number of places available, and a qualifying examination at the beginning of each semester decides final admission.


Admission to this course does not give the right to student visa or extension of residence permit in Norway.

Applicants with advanced Norwegian language skills such as Level III or Bergentest will not be prioritised.

Application requirements:

Admission requirements (in Norwegian only): Norwegian Level III (advanced level)

  • Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (see Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification)
  • Passed Norwegian Level II (recommended)
  • Passed Placement Test (Entrance Examination) arranged approximately two weeks before the start of the course


Please contact the Admission Office ( if you intend to apply for Norwegian courses.

The course is offered only in the spring semester and is meant for advanced students in Norwegian. The students must have been learning Norwegian for at least one year in their home country before they could attend the course. 

NOR-0100 is a full time course and has a duration of 16 weeks with 14 hours of instruction (30 ECTS credits) - 3 of the weeks without instruction. The course aims at enabling the students to improve their practical proficiency of Norwegian as well as their theoretical knowledge of Norwegian language and literature, and their understanding of Norwegian culture and society.

Admission requirements and course description (in Norwegian only)



UiT offers also special courses in Scandianvian languages and literature for international students who study Norwegian or Scandinavian languages and literatures at their home university. Courses are offered only on bachelor level (1000- and 2000-level).

International students study side by side Norwegian students, but are exempted from the requirement of documenting "nynorsk". Also the evaluation of exams follows criteria which are adapted to the premises of international students. For course description, see courses with NOR-code (spesialemner for internasjonale studenter) at the following website: 

Courses in Scandianvian languages and literature for international students

This study programme is primarily meant for students having Norwegian as their mother tongue.  Applicants are required to document that they master both Norwegian languages fluently - both nynorsk and bokmål. Only in individual cases the programme is open to exchange or guest students and other international students.

For more information see the UiT study catalogue:

Bachelorprogram i språk og litteratur - nordisk

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